To my loving husband

I will never forget you Boltie. I will miss your cuddly nose, your sneaky smile, and your wonderful, intriguing smile! Hunting will be lonely from now on. I hope, where-ever you are, that you are happy. Am thinking of you and W-TEP!



Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die – Bolton Deventer passes away

This post is dedicated to those who have searched for truth in my words. This is my real life story.

I am Bolton James Groenwald Deventer and I was born at 8:53:58 PM on Monday 8th October 2007 – this is my final post. As soon as I was born, I knew I was going to die.

I am the Guy Mclaron parody net-site that turned into a major social experiment which now forms the basis of my ever popular W-TEP presentation. I was brought into this blog-world to see if I could create some cyber-success and I have some interesting results to show.

My mission was simple:

1. See if I could get successful in a short space of time.
2. Test local social media sites to see if using them would help my mission.
3. Try to create a fake persona on Facebook and see if people would bite.
4. Could I start a net-war / net-discussions?
5. Disprove some acceptable web standards.

I enjoyed my short, but fulfilled cyber-life. I am sad leaving this place which is filled with such cynicism, and terror, however hints of comedy. Now, since I am reflecting on my life, I ask the question: How did I do?

1. Success

Between Monday evening and Friday evening WordPress reports 2,448 hits to the site which is around 600+ visits a day and my best day was Friday with 848 hits. I posted no less than 40 blog posts and generated 199 comments to this net-site. Other bloggers also wrote a total of 15 net-articles (that I could find) that spoke directly of me.

I think it’s safe to say that I have made a big noise and have received some mild success. Knowing this lets me rest in piece. Simple!

2. Social Media Sites

On Monday I joined Afrigator and on Wednesday I joined Amatomu. Here’s some quick stats from each net-site:

Ranked 62 overall on Amatomu
Traffic from Amatomu = 223
Page views = 2,886
Unique visitors = 137

Ranked 130 overall on Afrigator
Traffic from Afrigator = 202
Page views = 2,012
Unique visitors = 462

My experience with Muti was the best though (thank you Muti) because I could drive all my content to the site to an open audience. I managed to submit 13 items to Muti before getting banned and due to multiple accounts I was able to get my articles in the top 5 almost every time. It seems that if you get 4 votes you’re guaranteed a top 10 spot on Muti – it was a good feeling, being in the top 10 for the first time in my life.

MyBlogLog didn’t provide any traffic to my net-site but it was fun creating a profile and adding as many users as possible.

Overall I think the real winner here was Muti. It gave me a platform to get my name out into the “elite” circle of SA bloggers and that’s all I needed to get the ball rolling. It seems they wait in anticipation for someone to rock up with a whacked sense of web to pounce on.

3. Facebook

I loved this one as I’ve learnt so much about Facebook and the fickleness of it that this was a very rewarding task. Setting up a FB profile wasn’t easy and creating a fake persona proved complicated to say the least. However, by Monday evening I had a total of 57 FB friends of which I knew the sum total of ZERO.

The interesting thing I’ve learnt is that if you can get one random person to add you as a friend you can almost be guaranteed to get all of their friends as well because people don’t really think about the connection between friends on FB. This was the key to my success on FB. It’s quite scary to think some people actually believe they know me and have also worked together with me in the past. Having 670 FB friends probably means absolutely nothing about you.

4. Net-war / Net-Hype

I’m not sure if I can call it a net-war but I certainly generated hype. By baiting key bloggers in South Africa I was able to increase awareness of myself and I think the fact that I’m stopping now prevents this from turning into a net-war. While this has all been largely fun-and-games (F-A-G) I certainly got worried when people in the blog-community started accusing other people of fabricating me. I can tell you categorically that you really have no idea who I am and your accusations were completely misguided. I am who I am, Bolton Deventer, simple!

5. Web standards

I was meant to upset people with my ridiculous theories (which I did) but I also wanted to see if “innocent” people would believe my W-TEP, Sex-sells, N-L-P and other classic theories. Sadly, it would seem, the net-surfers on my site knew better. Except for Ermelo Tiles of course…

In conclusion:

While this was a F-A-G experiment I think what this does more seriously highlight is that the SA blog-community is so small and insignificant it’s scary. Within hours I was one of the most widely spoken about people in the “community” and had this been a larger community, with more clout, Bolton would never have even existed let alone survived.

By using the social net-sites I proved that all of them can be used to manipulate results and be abused to my advantage. There is no fool-proof way of preventing abuse of these systems and they certainly provided a platform for me to launch myself from.

The one real positive from a SA blog-community perspective is that all of you could tell I wasn’t who I was claiming to be. I scared a few people at the start with my theories but towards the end of my life it wasn’t about whether I was real or not but simply – who was Bolton James Groenwald Deventer.

Now I know some people feel cheated by my death. But my time with you all was great – I enjoyed, laughed, and swore, with you along the way. Please don’t be sad, since to die will be an awfully big and new adventure.

Good bye friends.

“We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves.”

P.S. Catch me if you can!

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I have an announcement to make, it’s important

Barbs was sick with the flu this weekend, so hunting was cnacelled. But I still had a great weekend, filled with great comments and feedback from my presentation on Sunday, I now have an announcement to prepare. My next post will be this announcement and I can only say that I am excited. My talk was so inspiring that I ahave re-built my entire W-TEP presentation and will make it available free of charge. But that’s not the real announcement, that will come later.

P.S. creating suspense and building up to a monumental announcement is a freat traffic-driving-force (T-D-F)…

Most beautiful boobs ever


Getting a life

I am very upset right now. Today felt like i was being hit from all sides and even poor Barbs took a beeting by the nasty-net-surfers (N-N-S) today.

False aqusations have been made, people have been leaving rude messages on my phone and i’ve had to spam some very nasty e-mail from the N-N-S.

Barbs has decided to treet me to a weekend at the game lodge so we can hunt. I had to cancel my talk at the St. Michaels Church and we’ve moved it to next Sunday but after the week my family has had we need to get ourt more. 

I suggest you all do the same as its simple!

Pics to be posted on Monday. 

I am Bolton Deventer, Vincent Maher is someone else

Just to make one thing clear. I am not Vincent Marher, I am Bolton Deventer. Can some one, PLEASE, explain to me, why everybody is trying to find a different personality for me?

Yes, if you write things like “Ten reasons why Vincent Maher could be Bolton Deventer” you can generate traffic. Is it ethical, I’m not sure. I could go around and post blogs like “Ten reasons why Jacob Zuma could be Manto Tshabalala” or “Ten reasons why Freddie Mercury could be Airsupply”. This is just another reason why net-etiquette should be re-considered and policed.

Who is Vincent Maher? Part 1

I have never met or heard of Vincent Maher before finding his blog when I started here. I have never spoken to him on the phone, nor emailed him,  or ever met his parrot or his plummer, so does he really exists? is he real? should I start phoning around and scuffle through his private life? Instead of wondering what Mr Marher’s ‘investigation’  reveals, why don’t YOU, all Net-Users, investigate each other first to see who you are dealing with actually. My wife got so upset when she read Mr Mahers post about him phoning around in my hometown.

I suspect that pure jelousy is playing a very big role here. I have entered this environment and have proven with my theories and my ideas that my W-TEP program is a success, that I also have friends on the net, and that I am willing to learn and re-think some ideas.  I am always open to discussion, comments, idea, and this openeness has led so many people here and made this ‘web-site’ work.

I have a big weekend ahead of me, much to prepare, and some new ideas to think about. I will share these with my readers soon and hope that this statement of mine shakes a sense of reality and responsibility into those who have nothing better to do than to moan around and make fun of my site.

Bolton is a good man

This is Bolton’s wife Barbara. Bolton has shown me his site and what has been going on here and I am frankly quite upset. I have been away on a trip for the week and after returning and wanting to spend time with my husband I find him glued to his new Laptop, looking like he hasn’t slept in days! He has shown me some of your comments, which are absolutely appalling, and it is shocking how you have treated him, after he has been involved in the community and on the Internet for such a long time. My husband is a good man, and he has been successful with all his endeavours, why then would someone stand in his way? ” “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”

There are obvious trust issues here, I don’t understand why, probably a combination of naivety and jealousy, but remember : “You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don’t trust enough.”

Bolton has been on his Laptop and the Internet this entire week and has opened himself up to a large, international, community. He is a freshman amongst you and you should invite him in and just be damn polite! “”Love and eggs are best when they are fresh.”



Vincent Maher has a girlfriend

Well not really but he can dream cant he?


W-TEP is killing popular net-sites

I wanted to share with you that I’ve got some very conclusive proof that my W-TEP program works. Ermelo Tiles is already doing very well since the net-site went live but the big news is the succes I’ve created with this net-site.Web Traffic is now ranked higher than other popular net-sites like Mr Marher, Nic and Quirk [see my earlier post] which has all got to do with my success in Google and the W-TEP strategy.I also see that, like Mr Hartman, Quirk have used my W-TEP tactics and stole my idea about Radohead [see my earlier post] but decided not to give me the reqired N-L-P to my site. Guy(s) my program works and see the results below.ranking.png